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June 3, 2021

Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit Announces Proposed Community Access Program for Urban Gondola from Union Station to Dodger Stadium

The Community Access Program would provide an affordable and sustainable first/last mile connection

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit (LA ART) announced it has proposed to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) the creation of a Community Access Program for local residents and businesses to use  the LA ART system, its innovative proposal to create a zero-emission transit link from Union Station to Dodger Stadium.

LA ART’s proposed Community Access Program would encourage daily use of this zero-emission project by local community members, in addition to the event-day periods when ridership will be prioritized for Stadium event attendees. Encouraging use for stadium access is important to achieve the project’s air quality improvement goals to reduce existing emissions from vehicle trips during the hours on the approximately 100 days a year when stadium events occur. During those event-day periods, gondola system access may be bundled with a stadium access ticket and a time-window reservation, for example. Outside of pre- and post-event times, local residents and employees of businesses within the LA ART vicinity would be able to utilize the aerial gondola using an individual Metro fare or their Metro system access pass at no additional cost.  In addition to event-period service, LA ART would continue operations daily and provide first/last mile transit service connections to/from the Metro system in communities to the LA ART route.

LA ART has been encouraged by local community input to make this offer to help provide increased transit access to stakeholders adjacent to the proposed route. LA ART’s proposal supports Metro’s shared goal to improve connections for regional public transit access by connecting LA ART to Union Station and the growing Metro transit system for the local community. Metro’s Transit to Parks program also identifies the potential for Metro system riders from other areas of Los Angeles to take transit to parks including Elysian Park and Los Angeles State Historic Park.

LA ART is committed to continuing to work with LA Metro on the details of the Community Access Program to ensure affordable LA ART access together with seamless transfers between LA ART and the Metro system on the same terms available to Metro riders.

The LA ART team has incorporated community feedback into the revised designs including for the proposed Chinatown / State Park station, located within easy walking distance from Chinatown and William Mead Homes.

“The Community Access Program would provide my family, neighbors, and visitors with a quick and affordable alternative to travel to and from Union Station” said Chinatown resident Peter Cheong. “LA Art will ensure that our community members can easily access Chinatown.”

“Many of our residents live on a fixed income and rely on reduced Metro fares for transportation,” said Ines Gomez, President of William Mead Resident Advisory Council. “LA ART’s Community Access Program will help connect our residents and families to the regional public transit system.”

Last month, LA ART announced the preferred alignment, the Broadway Alignment, following community comments received on the alternative routes analyzed during the Notice of Preparation process. The aerial gondola would travel north from Metro’s Union Station along Alameda Street to an intermediate LA ART station proposed adjacent to Metro’s Chinatown L Line (Gold) station, and then fly directly adjacent to Metro’s tracks adjacent to the Los Angeles State Historic Park, before crossing above North Broadway and along Bishops Road to the Dodger Stadium property. The updated plans propose a revised intermediate station location, the Chinatown / State Park Station that will provide for a more direct transfer to Metro’s L Line (Gold) station.

May 20, 2021

Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit Announces Project Update for the Urban Gondola from Union Station to Dodger Stadium

Preferred route selected and Chinatown-State Park passenger access proposed adjacent to Chinatown “L” (Gold Line) station

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit (LA ART) announced its preferred route and intermediate station location for the proposed zero-emission urban gondola connecting Union Station in downtown Los Angeles and Dodger Stadium. In response to stakeholder comments and requests for easy transfers from the Chinatown L Line (Gold) station, an intermediate station location for passengers is proposed as the Chinatown-Park station. LA ART will host additional community meetings in June to continue a dialogue with local community stakeholders and provide updates on the project. LA ART is committed to working with all stakeholders and LA Metro on this proposed safe, affordable and accessible permanent transit link for zero-emission public transportation to and from Dodger Stadium.

LA ART’s preferred route is called the Broadway Alignment; this preference harmonizes with a majority of community comments received on the alternatives analyzed in the Notice of Preparation process last fall. With this route, the aerial gondola would fly close to the Metro L Line (Gold) light rail tracks along the southern edge of the Los Angeles State Historic Park, which is bordered by the light rail tracks. The project will not pursue the previously considered Spring Street alternative. In addition to offering a location closer to Chinatown and convenient transfers to Metro’s L Line (Gold) Chinatown station, the Chinatown / State Park Station’s architectural design is proposed to incorporate local community cultural elements as well as a community art program, and benefits for the Los Angeles State Historic Park including proposed visitor-serving entrance improvements.

LA ART would provide the first permanent zero-emissions transit link to Dodger Stadium, transporting riders between Union Station and Dodger Stadium in about seven minutes. Connecting to the region’s transit hub at Union Station, above Alameda Street near El Pueblo de Los Angeles, LA ART would serve all Dodger home games and special events at Dodger Stadium for its game-time service including timed-entry reservations to encourage fans to utilize this unique transit to the game. It can also operate daily to serve community members, Los Angeles State Historic Park and Elysian Park visitors, and tourists – creating a critical new zero-emission first-last mile link to the region’s transportation hub at Union Station.

LA ART has met with stakeholders in Solano Canyon, Victor Heights, Chinatown, Lincoln Heights, and the William Mead communities. As part of its commitment to work with the community, LA ART will host two additional community meetings in early June to update the community on the project. To register, please visit LAART.LA.

The Los Angeles Dodgers welcome this innovative new proposal for fans to have a new opportunity for access to the stadium. They stated: “This project offers an innovative transit alternative that can significantly improve traffic and accessibility for both Angelenos and Dodger fans.”

“The urban gondola is a game-changer for Los Angeles,” said Martin Farfan, President of Cathedral High School. “We are proud to support smart transit to ensure a safe connection from Chinatown to Dodger Stadium that is accessible for our school and local community.”

“LA ART offers significant potential benefits to the City of Los Angeles and to our community at William Mead Homes,” said Ines Gomez, President of William Mead Resident Advisory Council. “We are grateful to the LA ART team in their willingness to engage with us, keeping us updated and allowing us to participate in making this project a success.”

The updated plans, to be studied in the Metro Draft Environmental Impact this fall, propose an intermediate station location on the Broadway Alignment, where Alameda Street merges into Spring Street near the southernmost entrance to the Los Angeles State Historic Park. The Chinatown / State Park Station offers a short walk to many Chinatown businesses as well as a safe, landscaped pedestrian connection to both Metro’s L Line (Gold) station and the Los Angeles State Historic Park. The station would also enhance transit access to the Los Angeles State Historic Park, recognizing that both Metro and the State of California have identified the importance of increasing transit access to parks, such as Metro’s “Transit to Parks Strategic Plan” and the State of California’s “Parks for All” initiative. The updated plans also propose improvements for the southern entrance to the Park, improved concession and restroom facilities, and funding contributions for a long-awaited pedestrian bridge planned by State Parks to provide park access for communities north of Broadway.

“Chinatown is a model for urban revitalization and LA ART’s transformative gondola will connect Chinatown to Dodger Stadium,” said Jeanne Lam, the owner of Golden Dragon Restaurant. “We support LA ART.”

For the Chinatown / State Park Station, an architectural design reduced in height from the prior “wing” roof concept includes a simple barrel vault form roof to provide shade and weather protection, including for passengers on the boarding platform. The design would incorporate patterns to reflect the diverse cultures of adjoining neighborhoods and surrounding urban fabric. Opportunities will be offered for site specific artwork that could be commissioned from local artists.

In 2018, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) accepted LA ART’s proposal to the Office of Extraordinary Innovation and agreed to act as the lead agency for the EIR under the California Environmental Quality Act. In October of last year, Metro kicked off the public environmental review process with the publication of the Notice of Preparation. Metro is currently preparing the Draft Environmental Impact Report, which is anticipated to be released for public comment in Fall 2021.

Updated project renderings can be found here.

February 19, 2021

IN THE NEWS: Dodgers, A’s Have a Plan to Combat Gameday Traffic: Gondolas

Courthouse News

Aside from a more pleasant experience for fans, the aerial route figures to fight smog by reducing the amount of gameday traffic. The gondolas would also increase access to the park and surrounding neighborhoods as they would be operated daily.

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February 19, 2021

IN THE NEWS: Gondola would reduce baseball traffic

Downtown Los Angeles News

Imagine going from Union Station to Dodger Stadium in 7 minutes. 

That’s what the Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit’s team is hoping with a new urban gondola system that is being studied to make sure it meets environmental standards. 

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June 11, 2018

Metro accepts unsolicited proposal from Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

Statement from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

“We received confirmation today that Metro has accepted our unsolicited proposal and invited Los Angeles Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies to move to the second phase of its process. We appreciate Metro’s response and are very excited to share more details about this ground-breaking technology.”

– Martha Welborne, project manager

August 10, 2018

Metro moves to next step in consideration of ARTT proposal

Statement from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

Metro sent ARTT a request for information today to keep our project moving forward. Here’s our statement on the great news:

“Today’s action by Metro means we are one step closer to gondolas flying thousands of fans to Dodger Stadium. We are pleased that Metro recognizes the aerial has the potential to be a fun and iconic local attraction that captures the public imagination and instills a sense of civic pride.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with the transit agency to improve the way Angelenos move between downtown and Dodger Stadium.”

— Martha Welborne, project manager

August 15, 2018

Statement from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

“We welcome innovative transit solutions with the potential to take cars off the road and reduce the release of greenhouse gas emissions. That’s one reason why we are so excited about our work with Metro to construct an iconic aerial gondola between Union Station and Dodger Stadium, providing wonderful views of Los Angeles as well as convenient transportation.   With 56,000 fans attending a Dodger game, we are confident of success for the gondola and there is ample opportunity for other transit options including the Dugout Loop to succeed.”

–Martha Welborne, project manager

September 26, 2018

Statement from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

“Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies (ARTT) marked another milestone on Sept. 26 when we submitted our response to Metro’s Request for Information, which provides additional detail on ARTT’s plans to finance, design, build, operate, and maintain an aerial rapid transit system between Union Station and Dodger Stadium.

ARTT first submitted its Unsolicited Proposal to the Office of Extraordinary Innovation in April 2018. In June, we were pleased to receive confirmation that Metro had accepted that proposal and invited us to move onto the second phase of the project. We received the transit agency’s Request for Information in August.

 We look forward to continuing to advance this project and work with Metro as a partner to demonstrate that innovative, clean energy, sustainable, privately-funded transportation can be made available to Los Angeles in harmony with publicly funded infrastructure.”

— Martha Welborne, project manager

April 25, 2019

Angelenos are one step closer to flying to Dodger Stadium

Statement from Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies

“In another major milestone, Metro’s Board of Directors has endorsed moving the environmental review process forward for Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies’ gondola system that will fly thousands of fans from Union Station to Dodger Stadium. We look forward to continuing to advance this innovative and sustainable—privately-funded—transportation project and appreciate the continued support of the Los Angeles Dodgers for this exciting opportunity to expand transportation options for Dodger fans.”

— Martha Welborne, Project Manager